Sunday, October 30, 2011

do not fear.

This weekend has been super stressful. I guess it all goes back to last Wednesday. As you may know, I intern at a church. Halloween is tomorrow. Which means, we had a 5K and holiday market yesterday, normal Sunday programming today, and we have our Fall Festival tomorrow. Craziness. That's when all the madness began and blogging went down a few notches on the to do list. I had wonderful plans to schedule posts and stay up to date, but you guys- that just isn't happening. I have a huge paper due tomorrow (that I'm working on. I'm just stuck on the last page, so I'm taking a break) and I've felt sick and had roommate issues- and it's just not fun. It's frustrating. I find myself getting irritated all the time. But, there's a few things I wanted to share that have been on my heart.

Annie posted a beautiful post yesterday. In her post, she wrote, "i believe that in doing God's work, we will experience frustration. we will come to our wits' end. but God in our weakness is made oh, so strong. it is then we reach a crossroads: to trust, like a child, completely? or to run to tarshish, for whatever reason we might conjure?" This was so beautiful to me. I find myself running away all the time. I get frustrated when things don't work out, but I don't want to trust God to take care of the details. I'm fine with the big picture, but it's the little things that drive me nuts. But, as Annie put it, "God in our weakness is made oh, so strong". He has a plan. We can find beauty in our frustrations through Him. 

In my paper, I'm writing about fear. It's a subject near and dear to my heart. It's something that I struggle with- oh, like all the time. Here's a snippit from that paper to make up from the lack of blogging.
“For I hold you by your right hand— I, the Lord your God. And I say to you, ‘Don’t be afraid. I am here to help you.” This is reminiscent of a father and his child. When the child wakes up at night and is screams out that she is scared of the dark or what may hide in the closet, the father comes running. He holds the child’s hand and reassures her that it will all be okay. She does not need to worry because he is right here beside is. God walks beside us and is “our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble” This shows that God is a comforting God. He holds our hand and guides us through the trials.

I am that child so often. I am that child crying out for her Abba Father- her Daddy- because she is scared of the unknown. I think we all feel this at some point in time. God comes to us in our weakness. He comes and sits by our bed and holds us for awhile, reassuring us that he's got it under control and we need not fear. In these crazy days of papers, festivals, roommate issues and more...he's got it under control. I don't need to fear, because he is right here with me holding my hand and guiding my through the day.


  1. I needed this so much more than you know.

  2. you know, sometimes i write things, go back to read them some time later, and think, "what? i wrote this?"

    i'm having one of those moments now.

    i think it's the fact that it ministers so strongly to you, touches you so strongly that you shared it here, that ministers so strongly to me. and maybe the fact that i need that message myself, that running away is not the answer, and you are the conduit by which God is telling me that.

    all i can say is, thank you. for mentioning me here, for writing this post, for discussing fear. because i needed it. and because i need to stop being afraid of what's on the road to nineveh.

    you bless me, Lauren. may He bless you abundantly for that.