Saturday, October 30, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 20

So, apparently I forgot to blog yesterday. I somehow got caught up in the busyness known as Friday. So, I guess that I'll just skip Day 19. Whatever.

In other news, Desi's football team made it past the first round of playoffs. high school team beat Dothan last night for the last regular season game. We're down to AU tonight and my mini heart attacks can end.  
Come on Auburn, beat Ole Miss!

Day 20: Nicknames
I have a couple different nicknames. Some make sense, some don't really.

At church, I'm known as either Lala or Miss Lauren. Most often, the kiddos call me Lala. It all started with one family at church that I babysit. They have a cousin named Lauren that they call naturally that carried on to me. Eventually other kids heard them call me Lala...and even some of the adults call me Lala. Hey- it's all fun! :)
Love these kids. :)

My brothers call me Sissy. Which makes since because I am their sister after all. I love the fact that I am Sissy; I think it's such a southern thing. And when I have kids of my own, the oldest girl will be called Sissy. It's just something I like. :)

And...lastly, my parents call me Pumpkinhead. Yes, I know it's slightly crazy. I mean, it's really pretty unflattering. I don't like to think I'm orange or that I have a big head. It all goes back to my first Halloween or something like that. And since...I've been their pumpkinhead. Way to come up with a pet name Mom and Dad. Way. To. Go. Couldn't call me cupcake or something, could you? Pumpkinhead. Yep. That's me. 
Circa 1996
Tomorrow's Halloween! I'm excited. Can't wait to wear my costume and be a ladybug! :)

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  1. LoL cute post! I LuRve it! And trust me, it is a southern thing~I'm known as 'Sissy' to my brothers, as well.
    Love your blog, and I am a new follower...because you're cool like that.