Friday, October 15, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 5

Day 5: My Siblings

Oh brothers. You've got to love them. I am the oldest child in my family by seven years. I always hoped and prayed for a sister....but, parents gave me these things called brothers instead. And when I mention the fact I still need a sister, my Mom informs me that "That ain't happenin'."

Max is the older of the two. There are seven years between us. He will be 13 at the end of the month (I cannot believe my BABY is GROWING UP!). Even though he didn't come out a girl, I still think he's pretty awesome. After all, he's my fellow Auburn fan (Des is a fan of the unmentionable team) and he's super smart. He's doing Algebra as a 7th grader and I am so proud of everything my buddy is doing. He wants to grow up and go to MIT and do computer stuff. After all, he's had his own website since second grade or something like that. Oh my. And since he's about to get a Facebook and all, I'm going to have to stop posting embarrassing photos of him on there. Good thing I have a blog, right? :)

Desi is the youngest. There are 11 years in between us. What's so special about him is the fact that he's adopted (bet you couldn't figure that one out!). He came to live with my family when he was 9 months old through the process of foster care and  we haven't stopped loving him since. We have now formed an amazing relationship with his birth mother (aka, the "other" mother) and completes my family in the way that only God could complete a family. I can't imagine a life without Desmond or his mom (hey- I'm pretty sure she's the closest I'm going to get to a sister. I've got to embrace what I have!). I have learned so much through the experience. Desmond is the only one in the family with an athletic bone in his body. He plays football (and I worry about him ending up in a body cast. Seriously, who puts a 60 pound child on DEFENSE?) and baseball (he rocks. enough said). He also makes funny YouTube videos for me. Um, who's gonna regret that when he gets in High School? Not. Me. :)

And...those are my sibs! I love the fact that they call me Sissy and I am so blessed to have two little brothers that I can be an example to (I just have to remind myself of that when they get on my nerves. And talk about hiding things in my unmentionables drawer. Like spiders. Um, gross.)


  1. Such a wonderful post! One of my good friends, her fiance is 14 years younger than his brother and they have a wonderful relationship too!

  2. I have to object to the comment about Des being the only one in the family with an athletic bone in his body. I'll have you know that I have 3 school records in track that still stand to this day (since they converted to metric shortly thereafter), played on a nationally ranked rugby team, etc. There are many athletic bones in my body, they are just covered by mounds of insulation now.