Tuesday, October 26, 2010

and this is how we do it...

I made a pie today.

And by making a pie, I mean, making the crust, rolling it out, peeling the apples, and mixing all the ingredients together. 

It's hard work you know.
But, the church Fall Festival is coming up on Sunday and I signed up to make a cake for the cake auction. And by cake, I decided I should make a pie (a scrumptious apple pie). I wanted to make a homemade pie (and crust) for that, so I decided I should experiment with one for Bible Group tonight. Just to make sure it all turns out right.

I made Pioneer Woman's "Scrumptious Apple Pie" and her "Perfect Pie Crust" using the recipe she has her website. I made the pie before and it turned out really good. This time, I left out the pecans. I feel uncomfortable making a pie for church with nuts since I know so many people that have nut allergies. I just figured that it would be for the best.

And the verdict is that it is good. It was definitely worth the effort to make the pie crust. It turned out flaky and had kind of a nutty taste (I had to use 1/2 whole wheat flour in the crust because I ran out of regular and didn't want to run up to the store in the middle!) and tasted pretty good! I'll be making it again on Saturday, so hopefully that one will turn out good, too. Now, I just have to find a cute pie plate to make it in. You know, everything tastes better in a cute pie plate! :)


  1. ...and I can testify that it definitely tasted scrumptious!