Sunday, October 3, 2010

Old School Items and Sewing Adventures!

I was going through my room cleaning out things and I found some old CDs. And so, they've now been uploaded to my iTunes. I'm going back to middle school...which means old school contemporary Christian.

If you were wondering, the first CD I ever bought was Jaci Valazquez's "Crystal Clear". I thought it was super amazing and my favorite song off of it (to this day) is "Every Time I Fall". Oh yes- we're bringing it back to 2000!

And another of my favorites was Zoegirl. I'm pretty sure it was in my dreams to be just like them. I seem to remember having a book about them. Like their ages, favorite foods, and such. But, I haven't seen it in a long time.

Oh- and please do not forget Hilary Duff. Yes- I may have listened to some Metamorphosis today. Guilty? And maybe Rachel Lampa? Did anyone else listen to these people? Or am I alone in my joy of discovering these CDs (fair warning- if you ride in my car for the next little while, chances are you will be listening to one of the above).

I found my second grade school picture. As in the one that was the worst picture ever. As in the one I thought Mom had burned to rid ourselves of it forever, but actually, it was just hidden in the deep depths of her scrapbooking bag. Be on the lookout for a post in this upcoming week with it.

I'm looking for fabric for my quilt that I am making for my 101 in 1001. I know, I still need to re-learn how to sew. But, I'm a very indecisive person, so I thought I should begin the search early. I know that I'll probably end up going with cheap fabric from Joanne's or something for my first quilt, but I do have several fabrics that I'm eying for once I've learned the skill. Unless I find them on super cheap clearance or something. Here's some of my favorites.

Anna Maria Horner- Good Folks Line
 (this is discontinued. which stinks)

Amy Butler- Lotus Line

Kate Spain- Fandango Line

Enough dreaming about fabric for the night I suppose. 
I do hope this sewing adventure turns out better than HomeEc! :)

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